Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hey Y'all!

Welcome to my blog! I would like to apologize in advance for any rambling I may do. This is a new and huge step for me and I promise to get better!

My name is Lisa Rodgers, Owner-Extraordinare of Cactus & Ivy. Eight years ago, I created Cactus & Ivy because I believed there were better options for my family and friends personal care needs. I also needed to do something quick after giving up a high pressured, micro-managed sales job! Whew!

Cactus & Ivy is a "cruelty free and vegan" natural body products company utilizing specialty ingredients to revitalize and restore the skins normal balance. Visit our website when you get a chance

All for now until I get my bearings on the direction I would like to go in this blog. Some days will be insightful, liberating and full of love and flair. Other days may be completely useless but full of fun and energizing filler. Who knows where this journey will take me but I hope you hang around to find out.

Y'all have a fabulous day and remember, keep makes people wonder what you're up to!

Lisa M. Rodgers
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