Monday, March 30, 2009

An Indie Business Revolution

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I hope this post finds you doing well. Over the past 4 days, we've had a great deal of rain and on Sunday, the sun came out, the wind was high and everything seems to be drying up now!

On Friday, I was interview by Darryl Johnson, Co-CEO of Indie Business Media and husband to Donna Maria Coles Johnson, CEO of Indie Beauty Network. Donna and Darryl are working on the Indie Business Documentary (working title), which will feature the products, services and lifestyle choices of independent business owners from all types of industries.

It was a great pleasure to work with Darryl, and he made me feel right at ease. At first, it felt like the butterflies in my stomach were 'dancing with the stars' and in no time, Darryl had made me forget there was a camera and light focusing on my every word.

Donna and Darryl are presently working on putting a "trailer" together to place on their site once it goes live. I am very grateful to Donna and Darryl for the opportunity to tell my story and to be a part of yet another fabulous opportunity created by Donna Maria! This is just another avenue to put a face to the indie business owner and show that we work hard at our craft to make a living, help support our family, give back to the community and hopefully build a company that will employ many.

If you or someone you know would like to be considered for a feature in the Indie Business Documentary, contact Donna Maria through Twitter at, and use the hashtag #indiedoc if you Twitter about it. The new Indie Business Revolution website will launch in April.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Micro Managed to Freedom

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I hope this post finds you doing well and enjoying nice weather. I am so glad Spring is here and I hope it is here to stay!

The people at Intuit have extended the 'Share Your Story and Win' contest until April 24, 2009. A big hug and thanks go out to everyone who has read and rated my story, Micro Managed to Freedom

While it is not exactly down to the wire, I need all the clicks and rates I can get. 50 finalists will be chosen between April 24th - May 31st. The 50 finalists will have to submit a video to be considered for the grand prize.

My family, friends and customers have always gone above and beyond when I have reached out for help and this contest has been no exception. The more reads/rates I receive, the higher my chances are of making it to the top, so please pass it along to any and everyone you know. A $25,000 grant would go a long way to make exciting changes at Cactus & Ivy and that much closer to my goal of providing employment to my community.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and have a fabulous day! More importantly, thank you for the support you have given to me and my company. I do what I love and love what I do. Life is good!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

I've Got Spring Fever

Hey Y'all!!

I hope this post finds you doing well on this fine, first day of SPRING!! Woo-hoo!! I am so excited to announce our new cruelty free and vegan, bath and body products line, very appropriately called, Spring Fever!

Spring Fever includes ingredients high in oleic and linoleic acids, and rich in essential fatty acids with a refreshing and vibrant aroma of fresh squeezed lemons, pink grapefruit, lime and kissed with a splash of spearmint. Spring Fever is sure to soften and delight your skin, all while captivating your senses. Everybody sing with me........'Good Day Sunshine'.

Citrus Mint Acai Body Glow
Moisturizing oils of sweet almond a apricot kernel, combined with sugar, lemon peel and acai, gently exfoliate while the essential oil blend of citrus oils and a hint of mint will invigorate your mind.

Lemonmint Body, Bath & Massage Elixir
The combination of apricot kernel, sweet almond and jojoba create a body and bath oil that is high in oleic and linoleic acid and Vitamin E. This emollient blend soothes dry and inflamed skin, relieves itching, helps the skin retain elasticity and is great for all skin types, including sensitive and mature. Top it off with a light, crisp, lemony fresh aroma that reminds you of a sunny spring day.

Citrus Body Meringue
The smooth and moisturizing properties from coconut, grapeseed, aloe and glycerin leaves your skin feeling nourished, hydrated and protected while the sweet scent of the citrus oils blended with spearmint will relax your mind, body and soul. To help prevent dry skin, it is recommended that you apply a moisturizer within 3 minutes of exiting the shower or bath. That is how long it takes water to evaporate from the skins outer layer.

Warning: This line contains photosensitizing essential oils and should not be used within 4 hours of sun exposure.

So, there ya have it. Another scrumptious line of bath and body treats for your skin. Stay tuned because I am on a roll. I do my best creative thinking while sleeping so more goodies are on the way!

Thanks for stopping by y'all and have a great day. Sing it with me one more time.......'Good Day Sunshine'. Y'all know you know that song. It's in your head now. Woo-hoo.......Spring Is Here!!!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cosmetic Label Requirements

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I hope this post finds you doing well.'s still raining and I feel like a broken record. That's all I've been saying for 6 days. My brain is so soggy that I thought Monday was Tuesday and today would be Wednesday. Confused? I am! Anywho.......

Do you know what is required on your bath and body products? The following information was taken from the FDA website:

The following (2) two factors must appear on the front panel of the label:
  • An identity statement, indicating the nature and use of the product, by means of either the common or usual name, a descriptive name, a fanciful name understood by the public, or an illustration
  • An accurate statement of the net quantity of contents, in terms of weight, measure, numerical count or a combination of numerical count and weight or measure

The following must appear in an information panel of a label:
  • Name and place of business. This may be the manufacturer, packer, or distributor.

  • Distributor statement. If the name and address are not those of the manufacturer, the label must say "Manufactured for..." or "Distributed by..."

  • Material facts. Failure to reveal material facts is one form of misleading labeling and therefore makes a product misbranded. An example is directions for safe use, if a product could be unsafe if used incorrectly.

  • Warning and caution statements. These must be prominent and conspicuous. The FD&C Act and related regulations specify warning and caution statements related to specific products. In addition, cosmetics that may be hazardous to consumers must bear appropriate label warnings. An example of such hazardous products is flammable cosmetics.

  • Ingredients. If the product is sold on a retail basis to consumers, even it it is labeled "For professional use only" or words to that effect, the ingredients must appear on an information panel, in descending order of predominance. Remember, if the product is also a drug, its labeling must comply with the regulations for both OTC drug and cosmetic ingredient labeling, as stated above.
Take time to visit the FDA site and look around at the various topics as well as industry resources. Cactus & Ivy is registered with the Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP), which is a post-market reporting system. We believe in the FDA and its mission to protect consumers, while also helping cosmetic manufacturers and distributors make informed decisions. Our registration #E1002787

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**The information contained in this post was taken directly from the Cosmetic Labeling Guide on the FDA website.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Twitter Mosaic

Hey Y'all!!

I hope this post finds you doing well. Here's to good thoughts of spring and may it be right around the corner. Right now, I could use a raft, float, boat or life preserver. Our yard looks like Lake Murray with all the rain we've had!

Today is a miscellaneous post. I found a site where you could have art made of your Twitter followers and here are all mine. What a beautiful sight!! This mosaic incorporates fabulous individuals from all walks of life. Hover your mouse over the individual pictures to see their Twitter name or click to go to their profile page. Saaaaweet!

Get your twitter mosaic here.

If you aren't on Twitter, you need to be. It is a wonderful site for social networking and you have 140 characters to say what's on your mind. The connections I have made on Twitter have yielded me great friendships, business contacts and introduced me to products that I may not have found on my own. Give it a twry...hahahaaa.....a little Twitter humor!

I leave you with this quote. “If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito.” Betty Reese

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