Monday, July 26, 2010

Doing Nothing?

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I hope this post finds you doing well. A tweet came through my stream last week that is the inspiration for this post.

The Safe Cosmetics Act 2010 was released last week. If this bill passes, the cosmetic industry will change which will trickle down to you, the consumer. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Environmental Working Group are proponents of this bill. They are telling any and everyone that will buy into their propaganda that cosmetic manufacturers are putting anything they want in cosmetics because the industry is not regulated. That is so far from the truth and typical of these organizations. The FDA regulates the cosmetic industry.

The Safe Cosmetics Act 2010 will
not benefit consumers or the small cosmetic manufacturer. People who buy into what the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Environmental Working Group are peddling are in for a huge surprise if this bill passes. Consumers need to get involved with this proposed legislation draft. This brings me to the quote.

Never act until you have clearly answered the question: "What happens if I do nothing? ~ Robert Brault

If we do nothing, this bill may pass and some of your favorite personal care products could disappear. Cactus & Ivy would surely close up shop because I could not afford the additional costs this proposed bill would place on my company. Many small businesses would be in the same boat as me.

Variety is the spice of life. Don't you want to have that same variety in your choices for personal care products? There are so many talented companies on the market now and the small cosmetic manufacturers are bringing a great deal of innovation to the table. That innovation would no longer exist. Big box manufacturers would be the only choices you would have.

Take time to read the bill. Also, visit my other company, Personal Care Truth for a wealth of information on personal care products. We can't afford to do nothing. We need to fight this with every inch of our being. Cactus & Ivy opposes the Safe Cosmetics Act 2010. Will you join me?

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