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Hunger | A Gift and You = Hope

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I hope this post finds you doing well. I am joining thousands of other bloggers today in an effort to help put an end to world hunger. This movement, as stated on the Bloggers Unite site, "BlogCatalog members and Heifer International are partnering to call for the end of world hunger and start of hope on April 29."

Do you know what it is like to be hungry? I don't mean you ate breakfast and lunch and now you are hungry for supper. I mean, have you every wondered when or if your next meal would come? As I have stated in the past, Prevo and I give to the Harvest Hope Food Bank several times throughout the year. Everyone deserves the basic necessities in life and should never know what it's like to be hungry.

According to United Nations World Food Programme - "There are 963 million undernourished people in the world today. That means one in nearly seven people do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life. Hunger and malnutrition are in fact the number one risk to the health worldwide — greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined."

Instead of me defining what I think hungry means, here are the facts from United Nations World Food Programme, which you can read more.

What is hunger?

The sensation of hunger, a lack of food in your stomach, is universal. But there are different manifestations of hunger which are each measured in different ways:

  • Under-nourishment is used to describe the status of people whose food intake does not include enough calories (energy) to meet minimum physiological needs for an active life. At present, there are around 923 million undernourished people worldwide, 907 million of them in developing countries.

  • Malnutrition means 'badly nourished', but is more than a measure of what we eat or fail to eat. Malnutrition is characterised by inadequate intake of protein, energy and micronutrients and by frequent infections and diseases. Starved of the right nutrition, people will die from common infections like measles or diarrhoea. Malnutrition is measured not by how much food is eaten but by physical measurements of the body - weight or height - and age. Wasting is an indicator of acute malnutrition that reflects a recent and severe process that has led to substantial weight loss. This is usually the result of starvation and/or disease.
    (Source: World Food Programme)
At Heifer International, you can donate in a variety of ways. Choose a gift from their catalog. It helps families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them build a better life and future, to be self reliant. Other ways of donating are a monetary gift, fund an event, gift registry or give where it is needed the most. Please visit Heifer International to read more about this wonderful organization. For Ideas and Tips on how you can host an event or donate to this worthwhile cause, Heifer International can help you there too. Click here for more information.

I realize we are in tough economic times and whatever you can do, will help change the life of another human being today. You can make a difference. Your generosity will mean the world to someone who so desperately needs it. Thanks for stopping by y'all and I hope you have a blessed day!

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