Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your Voice, Your Choice - Bath, Body & Beauty

Hey Y'all! is a crisp 30 degrees in my neck of the woods. I am beginning to wonder if fall just dropped by for a small visit and winter is now here to stay!

Something I haven't talked much about in my personal life is the ordeal my husband, Prevo, has been going through. Since December, 2007, he's had vocal cord paralysis. After using our voice to request a second opinion, he is now being treated by a top notch physician that specializes in vocal cords. After having permanent implants injected into his vocal cords in July, Prevo is now on the path to healing. Prevo had his third appointment with a speech pathologist yesterday and he is making strides in getting his voice back. The road Prevo is traveling brings me to this post.

Small businesses like mine are at risk if the FDA Globalization Act of 2008 draft discussion is voted into law. Among the provisions in the draft legislation that adversely impact small cosmetics manufacturers:

- up to $12,000 in annual FDA registration fees

- stringent and burdensome paperwork and reporting requirements that would make it impossible to run a small business

- requirements for compliance with "one-size-fits-all" manufacturing guidelines that small businesses could not possibly comply with

Lend your voice to the many small businesses that so desperately need your support. Please take a moment to visit the Indie Business Blog, watch the video and sign the petition.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Stay warm!!

Lisa M. Rodgers
Cactus & Ivy
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