Monday, December 15, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Gin Gin

Hey Ya'll!

I hope this post finds you doing well. As I write this post, I am fighting back the tears swelling up in my eyes. While it is difficult to write, laughter through tears is a powerful emotion. The weekend proved to be a very difficult one for me and Prevo. On Saturday morning, we had to call the Vet in to look at our goat Ginny. She had stopped eating and didn't want to move.

Ginny 1996 - 2008

After an examination, it was determined that she had a tumor obstructing her uterus and urinary tract. The only option we had available was to put her to sleep. The tears immediately began flowing because I didn't want to let her go. However, it was the humane thing to do and I did not want Ginny to suffer one more minute on this earth.

Ginny was a feisty old goat with a great deal of spunk, character and personality. She had a different relationship with both of us. With Prevo, she knew he wouldn't run if she tried to head butt him so she had to practice the art of sneaking up behind him. I, on the other hand, had been hit in the butt and legs on numerous occasions and always walked briskly around her. She thought of it as a game and I was just trying to prevent another bruise.

Every morning and evening we did our dance. I would bob and weave while she rared up to strike what she thought was a gentle blow. After a good rain, it would always be problematic for me to have fancy footwork since the ground below me was always slick. Ginny was smart and she knew I was at a disadvantage. I have landed on my butt several times while making my getaway. I should have let her head butt me. It probably would have hurt less than both feet slipping out from under me and hitting the ground with a loud THUD!

Gin Gin loved to curl up in old hay while taking in the warmth of the sun. She grew up around two horses that loved her dearly and were very protective of her. I think Ginny thought she was a miniature version of them. Ginny was the best belly scratcher the horses ever had. She would stand directly under them and scratch their bellies with her horns. We will miss you dearly Gin Gin, may you rest in peace!

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