Friday, June 12, 2009

Change Is A Good Thing

Hey Y'all!

I hope this post finds you having a fabulous Friday! Changes are coming to Cactus & Ivy and I am so excited!

Just as the seasons change, opportunities, desires and the direction you would like to take your business also change. Cactus & Ivy will always be a cruelty free and vegan manufacturer of natural spa, bath and body products.

We have obtained a toll free number as an added convenience to our fabulous customers. I will be producing a monthly newsletter for our retail and wholesale customers that will provide new product information, feedback requests, special discounts and more.

Our labels are getting a face lift. A graphic designer is working on a few options, while keeping them bright and colorful. I have also decided to make minor container and sampling changes.

All of this comes from a determination to reduce, recycle and reuse. I hope you will enjoy the changes coming to Cactus & Ivy. As always, please provide your feedback 'cause you know how much I love it!

If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter, please sign up here or on the home page of Cactus & Ivy

Thanks for stopping by y'all and I hope you have a fantabulous weekend! By the way, I haven't said it in a while, Y'all ROCK!

Creator Extraordinaire
Cactus & Ivy
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