Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Love Story or What?

Hey Y'all!

I hope this post finds you doing well. It is down right cold in my neck of the woods and I really believe it should be illegal for the South to get this cold!

As you know, I am on Twitter, where I have met fabulous individuals from all walks of life. I treasure the friendships I've made. A particular tweet from @TreesInstead prompted me to write this post.

On the Trees Instead site, they are having a Valentines Day Love Story Giveaway. The story that receives the most votes will get $250 AMEX gift card and an acre of trees to dedicate for your loved one in any US State, Canada, The Amazon or Israel. So, without further ado, here's my love story. So, after you read my story and feel it deserves a vote, then go on over to Trees Instead and cast away.

I met my husband, Prevo, on June 12, 1994. It just so happened that O.J. Simpson was in the midst of a hot police chase. Any who, I met Prevo at a club in Columbia, SC. We hit it off and I did something I've never done. I gave him my phone number. We danced into the very wee hours of the morning and I just knew that I'd hear from him in a day or two. Wrong!

A week later, I contacted a friend of mine, who contacted a friend of hers, who happened to work for law enforcement. Yes, I know what you are thinking, "she stalked him". Well......yes and no. I wasn't your average, daily variety stalker. I wasn't going to cause him bodily harm if he turned me away, I just wanted an explanation of why he was essentially blowing me off. That old "woman scorned" thought was churning in my head.

To sum things up, I turned up at his parents house because I was given their address. Little did I know that his father's name is Prevo as well. Can you picture Prevo's face when he pulled in their yard and saw me sitting under the pecan tree, drinking a beer with his parents? Oh yeah buddy, you aren't seeing things. It's the crazy, blond chick from a week ago. All I can say is "deer in the headlights".

Fast forwarding to the year 1996, we decided it was time to get married. We decided nothing formal but we didn't set a date. December 11th rolled around and I was sitting in the kitchen getting the 15th of the month bills together, when Prevo walks in. He had just told his boss where to shove it and then casually walked into the kitchen. I looked up at him and in a matter of seconds from just walking by me, he was naked, standing next to the fridge, shot-gunning his second beer. What did I say? Yep, you read me right!

I asked him what was going on and his reply was, "You wanna get married, or what"? And my reply was, "I guess so". So, Prevo got dressed and I had 10 minutes to put up the bills and off to town we went. We were married by the Magistrate and his secretary was our witness. There wasn't a dress, rings or friends to stand up for us. Yeah, I know. It wasn't very romantic but it makes for a funny story and I wouldn't change a thing.

Prevo wrote a song about how we got hitched. It's called, what else? "You Wanna Get Married, Or What"? And you can listen to it on Prevo's myspace, it's song number 5.

In August, 2005, Prevo's guard unit was deployed to Iraq for a 15 month tour of duty. The 122nd EN CO CSE was responsible for route clearance, or known as clearing IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices). We both knew the unit would be in harms way on a daily basis but I had confidence in Prevo's ability as a soldier to lead and perform the tasks at hand. HOOAH!!

It was the longest 15 months of my life and I thank the good Lord for the internet! We kept up with each other via instant messaging and emails. When it was night here, it was the next day there. He'd send me pictures of his life in Iraq and I would update him on the happenings in our home town.

This year will mark 15 years together and 13 years of marriage. Although my story is not all lovey dovey and full of "Awww", it is a love story nonetheless. I couldn't imagine my life without Prevo. We enjoy each others company so much that we would rather do things together than apart. The distance we experienced while Prevo was in Iraq just solidified in us the desire to spend as much time together because you are never guaranteed tomorrow.

Prevo and I love the outdoors, enjoy riding 4-wheelers, the Redneck Roller Coaster (a post for another day), playing corn hole with friends, getting away together or just chilling at home. We built a house together and most of it we completed ourselves and survived! I've always been told that if your marriage survives building a house then all is good!

So, there ya have it. Just a little about me and my crazy, wonderful life that I have built with my fabulous husband, Prevo. I know we may sound like a bunch of hicks from the back woods of South Carolina to some, but we are actually quite a bit of fun and full of life.

There isn't a second that goes by that I am not thankful for Prevo. I would move mountains to do any and everything for him. Over the years, we have weathered many good and bad situations. All have made us a stronger couple and I see myself growing very old with the love of my life!

Thanks for stopping by y'all and I hope you have a great day! And remember, "Life is short, so eat dessert first"!! Woot!!

Cactus & Ivy
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